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Meet 6 month old Hunter Doyle with his Pediatrician,

Dr. John D. Scott of Vanderbilt Medical Group in Franklin, Tennessee.

Dr Scott is credited for early detection of Hunter's adrenal gland tumor.  He ordered an ultrasound based only on touch - the liver felt closer to the skin than he knew to be normal. 24 hours later, Hunter was admitted into the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt for a biopsy of the kidney sized tumor found in the ultrasound images. 

cureHUNTER, Inc. was founded by

Ryan and Jill Doyle in 2012, just months after their youngest childs diagnosis with Neuroblastoma.


Their mission was simple: raise money to bridge the gap in funds for pediatric cancer research. 


The government allotment for cancer research allows only 3-4% for pediatric cancers.


This group of friends found that information alarming and joined together to do something about it.  





Lead Sponsor, John Thomas (Physicians Realty Trust in Milwaukee, WI) and the cureHUNTER Executive Board members presented Children's at Vanderbilt Oncologist, Debra Friedman MD and Vanderbilt Pediatrician, John D. Scott MD with the first dollars raised towards the $100K endowment formed in 2012.  



Shari Lacy, Franklin TN Artist donates 100% of her time & talent to each event cureHUNTER hosts with a custom painting. 

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